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We believe our modelling capability provides an unrivalled edge to our designs.


The service is aimed to assist architects and engineers in analysing/ improving existing building services systems or recommend innovative and sustainable design solutions. SEHA provide overall simulation of air, light and heat transfer within buildings, along with powerful analytical programs which can examine the outcomes of different conceptual and material strategies in the design process.

Three-dimensional models are constructed & analysed within the Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES) software suite to:

  • Predict site-specific environmental conditions
  • Analyse dynamic/steady-state heat losses & gains
  • Determine very accurate heating and cooling load profiles
  • Analyse bulk and micro-airflow movements in a space
  • Analyse natural lighting levels of lux and luminance
  • Conduct advanced plant simulation
  • Analyse solar shading
  • Determine rights to light
  • Analyse glare from glazing
  • Comparison & analysis of design options
  • Present 3d graphical data and animations

We have found the use of “Simulation and BIM” results in:-

  • Reduced design time and coordination issues
  • Reduced risk to the project (cost and time)
  • Optimum design solutions in terms of fabric, glazing and services
  • Lower energy use
  • Greater cost certainty (capital and life cycle)